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Hitting Coaching near Cypress

Hitting Coaching

Our Hitting Coaching will help you to move your body more efficiently and consistently drive the ball. From bunting to sending the ball over the fence, we have well rounded courses to improve your overall hitting skills. Join us today!

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Hitting Coaching near Cypress

Batting Cage Rentals

Choose from our 3 available cages - available for 30 minute or 1 hour increment rentals! Our cages can be used for any type of baseball or softball practice and feature baseball & softball jugs, machines, and L screens. Contact us today for more information.

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Hitting Coaching near Cypress

Summer Camp 2022

Check out our Baseball and Softball Summer Camp programs at Infinite Hitting Houston and see how we can help take the stress out of your summer. Your child will get professional training from top-quality instructors and stay moving, have fun, and be engaged by a variety of training exercises to improve their game!

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Shawn Kelly

Great batting cages and reasonably priced. Staff is friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend for practice or just a good workout....

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G Crawford

Excellent facility, brand new. As nice for the spectators as the players. Hide gem just outside of Coles Crossing....

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Aj Robles

Went in for some stress relief and I wasn’t disappointed. Very nice set up! Definitely will come again. :)...

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Heather Riggs

Chris is so awesome. You'll love her hospitality! Need fans on the ceiling or just go hide in the restroom with AC lol. Otherwise awesome place. My son wants to have his bday there!...

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KJ Crazy

Duane Horne

New and convenient location next to Coles Crossing...

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Infinite Hitting Houston

Welcome to Infinite Hitting Houston, where we're changing the way you think about visible, practical skill development. We work with baseball and softball players of all ages and abilities, helping you identify weaknesses in your game and improve them in no time with data-driven training methods. From swing mechanics and arm strength to mobility, speed, and power, our baseball and softball instruction in Cypress can help you get the most out of your game and excel at the highest levels.

We're committed to helping you progress with concrete data points and a customized training program. No two players are the same and no two training systems should be either. We'll identify the areas where you can improve and we'll be there every step of the way to make it happen.

The Infinite Program is a process that combines science, coaching, and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out. It’s designed to optimize the efficiency of your body for MORE consistency, MORE results, and MORE confidence, all to deliver you MORE success. Because the work you do here in our facility will make all the difference out on the baseball field.

Our Values

Our Values Reflect Who We Are and What We Stand For As A Company

  • Have a Just Cause

    Have a Just Cause

    We have vision of the future that does not yet exist, and we will commit all of our energies to advance that vision of the world in which we have. And the people we want to attract, whether it be those who work here, those who teach here, and those who come to learn here, believe in our vision of the future and want to be around people who are committed to building this world that does not yet exist.

  • Courageous Leadership

    Courageous Leadership

    Courageous leaders are those who are willing to sacrifice the short term in order to advance the long term. Leadership that desperately, profoundly believes in the cause and will make decisions to advance that cause. We would sooner sacrifice our own personal interests to take care of our people and never sacrifice our people to protect our own interests. Leadership is the acceptance of the awesome responsibility to create an environment in which people can work at their natural best.

  • Trusting Teams

    Trusting Teams

    An environment in which people feel safe to raise their hand and say “I made a mistake. I don’t feel qualified to the job you have asked me to do and I need more training. I need help.” Without any fear of any humiliation or retribution or punishment whatsoever. Our people will feel safe in their own organization, entrusted to use their own judgment, and do the jobs for which they have been trained to do.

  • Worthy Rival

    Worthy Rival

    Our competition helps us by revealing our weaknesses. We admire the others in our industry, not to beat them or become #1 (there’s no such thing), but if someone else is better than us at something, then it means that we need to work harder ourselves. Our goal is to outlast every single one of our rivals by building strong foundations and focusing on the long term advancement of everyone we interact with.

  • Flexible Playbook

    Flexible Playbook

    We are confident in the knowledge that we have acquired in both our sport and our business. However, we believe that there is always room for improvement and innovation. Rather than being set in our ways, we choose to remain flexible: an inviting attitude towards challenges and constant pursuit of improved quality.

  • Legacy


    When all is said and done… we want to be known and remembered for the service that we provided to the people who devoted themselves to our cause.


Do you train softball players?

Yes, we train softball players!

Do you train pitchers?

In terms of our day-to-day services, we do not train pitchers. However, we do host camps where we train all aspects of baseball and softball including pitching.

What's the youngest age you allow to train at your facility?

The youngest age we work with is approximately 8 years old, but training is truly based on the child's ability and willingness to learn.

Where are you located?

We have two locations: This location in Cypress, TX and another in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Do you offer cage rentals?

Yes! We offer cage rentals. Click here to reserve your spot today!

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